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We will take you to art studios and galleries in San Miguel de Allende to meet the artists and get to find out their artistic process

Nelly Lorenzo

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Nelly Lorenzo is a renowned artist in San Miguel de Allende, city that she pick to live and work.

Through the years Nelly has improve and develop her technique thanks to the constant art work both independent and with artisan women. This improve is reflected in her pieces which are made with different techniques and materials. That's why every piece creates and harmonious atmosphere in every space they are.

Most of the artist work is made in her studio located at the Fábrica La Aurora. This work is inspired by the nature and mexican folklore.

"In order to create my pieces I mainly use two techniques; The off-loom waving technique and the vertical loom waving technique. These techniques has been used since ancient times to create both utilitarian and decorative pieces. These pieces represent the work and dedication of artist women."

Nelly Lorenzo


Ana Rivera