Art Tour San miguel de allende

We will take you to art studios and galleries in San Miguel de Allende to meet the artists and get to find out their artistic process

Graciela Arroyo

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Graciela Arroyo graduated from the Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Buenos Aires, and studied fashion design and pattern design at the Atelier of Laura Reyes and Bárbara Porter. For 10 years now the designer has proposed to promote national textile art with two collections: Contemporary Maya and Modern Goddess.

The singular characteristic of Graciela is that it does not take up the roots of ancient Mexico to achieve a bad adaptation in current trends, but that its proposal is a proposal between the symbiosis between the past and the present. It takes on unique pieces such as the huipil, the rebozo and the fabrics used in indigenous textiles to create contemporary pieces inspired by the lifestyle of today's women. For example, his series of crop tops embroidered by hand and with a creative process carried out in one of the magical towns of Mexico.

Ana Rivera