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Ana Cornejo y Heinz Künzli

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The expression of transformation, morphology in painting, birth and death, participated in the intuitive work of Heinz Künzli and ana Cornejo. All his work is a reflection of the natural processes of life and a tracking of the materials that will be used, as the technique in the process of his art. The love and dedication that inspires them to handle natural materials with their own life, such as: pigments, marble flour, earth, oils, dammar, glue for bones, wax, soft limestone, quark and more, creates a close relationship between the artist, the earth and nature.

Again and again I am attracted by this contact that feeds my soul and my inspiration. Upon entering this exciting world, more than fifteen years ago, I began to collect pigments and collected samples from all the places I visited. Exceptional teachers and great friends introduced me to painting. As a self-taught person, I like to experiment with all kinds of materials. Together with my wonderful wife, Ana Cornejo, we always discover new forms of artistic expression. What started as a hobby became a passion. "

As a child, in addition to rods, bushes and flowers, which gave me great pleasure, strolling through those fields Cuzquenos of my childhood, I also took home other things that almost pleased me more because they did not lose color or consistency as quickly as plants, and They were all kinds of stones and objects that I saw on the ground, that awakened my imagination and creativity.

Ana Rivera