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Luis Filcer

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(Ukraine-Mexico-Holland 1927-2018)

For many of us who knew him, the name Luis Filcer is instantly connected to a rare human quality: authenticity. His passion for art and his unquenchable thirst for creation led him to experience a life in which luxury was always understood as human connection, depth of feeling and the permanent longing for a world where truth and justice might prevail. This he portrayed in countless works as rich and varied as his much preferred themes. Whether he reflected the intensity of a gambler’s night at the casino or a fiery flamenco dancer bedazzling her audience; or the silent effort of fishermen pushing their boats to face the awesome wildness of the sea. Whether we find ourselves witnesses to an unfair Kafka- styled trial or the unexplainable ambition of those in power, it was life that drenched his brushes with an unfulfilled dream to see humanity express their utmost wisdom, love and creativity and, above all, that compassion and solidarity may be able to override society’s inclination towards injustice, hypocrisy and indifference. These battles against the dark side of humanity, along with his celebration of its everyday wonders, including the simple and unfathomable miracle of the Earth’s landscapes are all part of what he wished to portray and leave behind as a legacy in his childlike ability to feel amazed (or deceived) throughout his entire human journey.

He said so himself: “I paint what I feel, not merely what I see. I cannot imagine life as a mere portrayal of reality as is, for existence is not a photograph, a moment in time: it is constant movement and, above all, the ever-changing impression based on how we feel about reality.” He was inspired by Van Gogh to accept his “Lust for Life”; in fact, it was Irving Stone’s unforgettable depiction of the artist that initiated Filcer in his desire to make painting his life’s mission. He was also a great admirer of  Francisco Goya, Toulouse Lautrec and Rembrandt; every once in a while, these geniuses appear as characters in the artist’s imagination as they ride together on a train, followed closely by their own fantastic creations.                                       

With over 300 exhibitions worldwide and his master works on permanent exhibitions in more than 60 museums around the world, it is more than worthwhile to become familiar with an expressionist and humanist such as him. The Filcer Studio, now in San Miguel de Allende, is open to visitors who wish to collect and or be immersed in his world, his thinking and his work.

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