Art Tour San miguel de allende

We will take you to art studios and galleries in San Miguel de Allende to meet the artists and get to find out their artistic process

Jesi Jordan

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Jesi’s work comes from the perspective of an un-institutionalized painter, performer, video artist, and traditional animator where she uses metamorphosis and optical illusions as a form of surreal and abstract story telling, illustrating the relationship between subjects by how they shift in and out from each other.

By method of automatic painting, Jesi’s subconscious produces images that work as emotional X-rays and internal dialogues. Many of her paintings feature her alter-ego, Detective Vanilla, who was initially the main character of her comic book series.

A few of the establishments Jesi has performed and exhibited her work in include the Art Gallery of Ontario, Los Angeles Archives, Flux Factory in New York, Museum of Contemporary Art in Oaxaca, Mano Magica Oaxaca, Fabrica La Aurora, Mexico City Material Art Fair, Kamias Triennial in the Philippines, Redbull Projects Gallery, The Powerplant, and the Feminist Art Gallery.

Ana Rivera