Art Tour San miguel de allende

We will take you to art studios and galleries in San Miguel de Allende to meet the artists and get to find out their artistic process

Ivan Puig

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Invent other possible forms. Solve, manufacture; things found. To pebble, to recycle, to extend the life of obsolete objects, the technology and the fight against its estrangement. Ask, question, focus; sarcasm, irony and paradox. I like the contradiction, I like poetry, simplicity and complexity together, surprise and surprise. I like people to smile when the piece detonates inside; I like, to incite, I like to think that art has a transforming, political and creative force, with concrete and tangible results and also with sublime and subtle effects. I like the tools, I enjoy to transform the materials and enjoyment of the forms, I try that my pieces have several levels of reading; I love metaphor and word play. I love simple and lucid humor. I like sound and its ability to evoke and arouse. I greatly enjoy the processes and the collective work. To play science and in passing doubt it, to doubt everything, to doubt the doubt itself, to scratch the metaphysical. Observing and concluding, reckless and fearful, I am overcome by arrogance and social injustice.

Ivan Puig

Ana Rivera